Who am I?

Who am I?

I am a magician...

I conjure dreamworlds through a mixture of images, motions & sounds...

... and I do so with a smile on my face...

Some say I am foolish for what I sacrifice while striving for my goals...

Still my discipline burns with a fire only outshone by my passion to improve my craft...

Because I believe the only true fools are the people who do not live for their dreams.

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My Animated Films

Here are some of the animated films I've done.

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Art & Illustrations

Art & Illustrations

Animation Artwork

Concept art and designs done for animation projects...
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Illustrations for various stories...
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(in production)

(This is an early "technique test pilot" or "proof-of-concept" for the movie. The design differs slightly from the finished film.)

"Where there once was a flowering meadow now lies a desert with a city of concrete and oil pipes.

Where there once was singing, play and happiness now all expressions of emotions are suppressed by a thick, black oil.

Where there once was a loving family and caring friendships now only exists fear and arguing.

This is a place that once started dying and now needs healing before it is too late.

My name is Guadalupe and this is my story."

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Project Description
We live in a time when greed seem to drive all our choices, when freedom seems to mean not having to take responsibility for our own actions and when tolerance means that others should adapt to us.

As human beings there is only one thing that makes all of us equal, and that is that we all are individuals, that we all are different.

Although people love conformity and poke fun at everything that doesn't fit in to its norm, it is our differences that allow us to learn from each other, allow us to improve.

"Acceptance can bring us together so our differences can make us whole."

Concrete Babylon is a feature length film that, following in the theme of its story, is told through the universal languages of music, art and friendship, to not exclude anyone from experiencing the movie to its fullest.

The film is based on a screenplay I wrote, with the counseling of an experienced script consultant, while i studied screenwriting at Manuspiloterna in Stockholm.

I believe Concrete Babylon is a film that will engage the audience in the drama between Guadalupe and her father, entertain the audience with its music and dance and make the audience sit on the edge of their seats from the tension of Guadalupes fight against the dark force.


A desert sparse of food. A group of creature living only for survival. A line is crossed and a chaos alters their essence.

Feed is a story about jealousy and greed, about how egoism only creates destruction.

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"One cold winter night, a lonely child finds friendship in a snowman, a friendship showing that love is caring for somebody other than yourself"

Winter Night is a 8-part web series about a child who has to celebrate Christmas without its parents at grandmas house. The child dislikes grandma but finds friendship from an unexpected source, a friendship that shows the child that love is caring for somebody other than yourself.

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Project Description Winter Night was originally a short film, 27,5 minutes long, made as my graduation film from studying Animation at Diagonalakademin. Due to some issues in the film, mainly because of sloppy execution of the screenplay and during the pre-production of the film, I haven't really wanted to release it. When developing the film I never established the context in the beginning of the film, and since the audience didn't understand the situation no conflict developed, and without conflict there isn't any tension.

If there is one part of the film where filmmakers have to be sure to be clear about whats going on it is in the beginning. This is the base of the film, the part that should hook the audience and make them crave to know how the film will develop. Remember, there is nothing intellectual about being hard to understand. Einstein said that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

Some time ago when thinking a about the film it hit me how I might somewhat save the film with new titles before the film. When looking in to it more I noticed could be edited in to episodes of close to equal length and that the film actually worked better episodical than as a "normal" film.

Hopefully you will enjoy the Winter Night series!

"When the moon is gone and the night sky is dark, Big Blue embarks on a dreamy lunar exploration on the search for light."

The moon is gone from the sky and Big Blue tries to comfort and help the child find sleep. As the night grows darker and also Big Blue falls asleep an unexpected adventure starts. An adventure of finding the moon and returning to its place on the sky.

Project Description
Where's the Moon is an animated short film that I made the first year I studied animation at Diagonalakademin.

This was my first try at making a children's film, something that, contrary to popular belief, is harder to do well than making a short film that appeals to adults. Adults are just som much easier to fool. Be hard to understand and they thing you're deep, have a lot of quasi-intellectual dialogue or voice over and they think your philosophical, have a sloppy execution and they think you have a personal style. But do these things when making a children's film and the results will just be bad.

When making films that appeal both to children's and adults you truly need to master the art of storytelling.