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Comics, picture books and illustrated stories conjured out of the love of the craft...

OMOiOMO is my platform for sharing the stories I conjure up. It is also a way to, without the constraints of wondering if they will be seen as “commercially viable”, be able to tell the stories I most want to tell and experiment in style and technique, as to tell the stories in the way I feel is communicating the strongest, in hopes that I one day become good enough to tell a story that becomes a meaningful for another person.

You can visit to read all the stories for free in English or buy them as PDFs for the price of your choice in English, Swedish, and some in Spanish and Finnish. If you prefer to read stories in physical form, the stories are also all available in print in both English and Swedish and the text-free stories are also available with covers in Spanish and Finnish. You can find them by searching for their title or isbn number, (which you can find in the bottom of each post at in your online bookstore of choice.

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